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What it is

An easy to use route planner with a clear focus: help you find your way in subway networks around the world.


You are more than welcome to support this site. If you fill out the form, you will receive an email address of a real propername for further correspondence. When you're a resident or regular visitor of a city that has a metro network, you might as well become a Well Informed Subway Editor (WISE) for your home town! Please fill out the form and you'll receive all the details.

How it works

Once you have entered departure and destination station, the system tries to find a route between the two that passes by as few stations as possible while keeping the number of transfers to a minimum. Since a transfer interrupts your trip, the planner may choose a longer path - in terms of stations passed by - to avoid a transfer.

Trip distance is measured as stops at stations, not actual distance in meters. In networks that span large areas where stations are relatively sparse - such as railway networks - actual distance is a major factor for trip duration. In city areas however, where stations are dense, trip interruptions (stops) are far more expensive.

Read more about subwayworld's geolocation feature.

Stripes Framework

The producers of this website are proud to announce that this site runs on the Stripes Java web application framework.

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