Trip planner for subway, underground and light rail in Geolocation


About Geolocation

Subwayworld's geolocation function searches for stations within walking distance from your current geographical location. For each of these stations a static map is available showing your current location and the stations'.

  • Distances are measured as the crow flies (ATCF);
  • At most 3 stations are shown;
  • Only stations are shown that are no further than 2 kilometer away ATCF;
  • Station locations are available for most but not all cities, however the list is continuously expanded.

Important note on phone settings

Mobile devices use several sources to determine your geographical location. Outdoors it's best to set your phone to 'use GPS satellites' for geolocation and not to rely on wireless networks, because these may not be accurate.

How to use

Hit 'get location' in the app menu. Location information is only updated on your request. You will then be presented a list of nearby stations with corresponding maps showing your location and the location of each of the stations. Note that these maps are not a navigating tool because they are static.

Note on privacy

On requesting your location, your coordinates are sent to our server to find a matching set of stations. Be assured that these coordinates and other incoming data are not used nor stored permanently to identify you or your device nor to keep track of your movements.